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3GSolutions works with China biggest 3G network carrier and has its coverage of over 99% of China population. As a mobile service provider, our first priority is to provide products and services that our customers enjoy and value. We look to achieve this in a way that builds trust and confidence.

Challenging and changing mobile

More and more people increasingly opt for data,minutes & texts when travelling overseas but it is never easy considering expensive roaming cost. Now with our products and services, you can challenge and change the way you use the current mobile technology in China by creating an experience that is more useful, more entertaining and more valuable.


Since launch, 3GSolutions has gone to offer affordable and easy accessible mobile internet, low-cost minutes and texts to all customers so that they can really enjoy the benefits of current mobile technology.


We are focused on enabling our customers to get the best out of the mobile technology by making it easy to acquire, and to help them benefit from apps and services in their China trips.


We will continue to campaign for more affordable and simpler communications solutions for our customers.


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