Terms and Conditions of Rental

3GSolutions and you, as the person placing an order with 3GSolutions ("Subscriber"), hereby agree to the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") with respect to the provision rental (the "Service"). These Terms and Conditions are accepted by Subscriber upon placement of an order for rental package and payment made, and constitute a binding and enforceable legal agreement between the parties.

1. Authorization

(a) If Subscriber is an entity and not an individual, then the person accepting these Terms and Conditions represents and warrants that he/she has been properly authorized and empowered to do so on behalf of such entity.

2. Charges

(a) Subscriber will pay the rental charges for the rental package reflected on the Website at the time of the order. Subscriber will be responsible for a minimum of one week rental period ( if less than one week, will be deemed as one week) plus all applicable deposit and shipping charge.

(b) The total data alloaction can be consumed evenly throughout the rental period or in one sitting. Subscribers using data in excess of the allocated amount will be charged US$0.05 for each megabyte of data upload and download over the allocation. Rental packages usage is limited to the China only (except Hongkong & Macau) , please visit our website for coverage map within China.

(c) During or before rental period, if subcriber intends to extend the rental length or upgrade to a higher package, subcriber can choose another rental package indicated on the website to replace current rental package. Please give 3Gsolutions one day’s notice. 3GSolutions make a new invoice for you to make payment. Subcriber is responsible for the charge of price difference between both rental packages and an US$10 order revision fee. If subcriber intends to shorten the rental length, 3GSolutions, in its discretion, has full right to decide whether or not to return part of the rental and how much should be returned.

(d) At the end of rental period, if subscriber didn’t leave the Rental Package at the hotel concierge / front desk or other agreed address, subscriber will be responsible for an US$5 later fee for MiFi rental, US$3 later fee for USB modem rental or US$2 for sim rental.


(e) Subscriber is responsible for Rental Charges, deposit, shipping charges, order cancellation fees (if applicable), order revision fee (if applicable) , later fee (if applicable) and charges for damaged or lost Rental packages (if appliacable) through the end of the Rental Period, whether or not Subscriber personally uses the Rental packages or downloads the data for which the Usage Charges are imposed. If Subscriber orders the Rental packages and cancels the order (i) before shipping, Subscriber will be charged for an US$10 cancellation fee; (ii) after it is shipped to an address within Mainland China, Subscriber will be charged for an US$10 both ways of shipping fee and an US$30 cancellation fee; (iii) after it is shipped outside of Mainland China, Subscriber has to return the Rental packages by himself / herself and is responsible for the shipping fee for both return and outbound, and an US$30 cancellation fee, but if Subcriber fails to return the Rental package for whatever reason, 3GSolutions, in its own discretion, has full right to decide whether or not to return part of your payment and how much should be returned.

3. Forms of Payment

By Paypal, Credit cards or Debit cards.

If you are in China and make payment via Paypal, Paypal may hold all your payments and suspend your account since Paypal may find that you used a foreign country IP address and suspect payment authorization which may not from you. Then, we suggest that you don't use Paypal while in China.

4. Delivery of Rental Package

(a) 3GSolutions shall deliver the Rental Package at its own risk to the address designated by Subscriber. The Rental Package cannot be delivered to a Post Office Box.

(b) 3GSolutions shall use reasonable efforts to deliver the Rental Package by the requested delivery time. In the event the Rental Package is delivered after the requested delivery date, Subscriber's one recourse is to not accep the Rental Package and subcriber bear no any charge, and 3GSolutions shall return to subscriber all the payment received from subcriber. Subscriber’s another recourse is to accept the Rental Package and claim to return Rental Package in the delayed period.

(c) Subscriber shall accept the Rental Package when delivered on or before the requested delivery time. There will be no charge to the Subscriber for additional day(s), if they receive it early. If, for any reason, Subscriber fails or refuses to accept the Rental Package when delivered on or before such date Subscriber shall be liable for the stated Rental Charge (as defined herein), shipping charge and any applicable charges.

(d) Placement of Subscriber's order via the Website constitute constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

(e) Subscriber shall examine the Rental Package upon receipt and immediately notify 3GSolutions if the Rental Package is not in good working order at the time of receipt or is not the Rental Package ordered.

(f) 3GSolutions reserves the right to choose the common carrier best suited for the delivery of the Rental Package.

(g) Subscriber will be charged a flat fee for the shipping charges, which will include delivery and return shipping.

5. Pick up of Rental Package

(a) Unless otherwise arranged with 3GSolutions, Subscriber shall leave the Rental Package to 3G Solutions at the end of the Rental Period at the hotel concierge / front or other agreed address in good working order and in the same condition as when it was delivered to Subscriber.

(b) Subscriber must leave the Rental Package in return packaging provided by 3G Solutions in accordance with return instructions provided by 3G Solutioins at time of delivery .

(c) Rental Package returned with any components or pieces missing will be deemed missing and Subscriber will be charged in an amount equal to the Rental Package value in accordance with Section 7 below.

6. Use of, Loss of and Damage to Rental Package

(a) Upon delivery to Subscriber, 3GSolutions will provide PDF instructions on the use of the Rental Package; instructions are also available on 3GSolutions’ website.

(b) Subscriber will use the Rental Package in a careful and proper manner and in accordance with the instructions and manufacturer's specifications and in no other manner.

(c) Subscriber agrees that he/she will not: effect any repairs or modifications to the Rental Package; remove or interfere with any certification markers affixed to the Rental Package; or attempt to dispose of the Rental Package.

(d) In the event of any loss, damage, destruction, theft or disappearance of the Rental Package subsequent to delivery to Subscriber, regardless of circumstances, 3GSolutions has the right to hold the equal value amount of your deposit as compensation. The value of Rental packages are listed as below:

MiFi Rental Package: MiFi device US$110; Battery US$10; USB cable US$5; Mini charger US$10; Data sim card US$50.
USB Modem Rental Package: USB modem US$50; Data sim card US$50.
iPad Sim Card Rental Pacakge: Sim card US$50.
Data Sim Card Rental Pacakge: Sim card US$50

7. Replacement

(a) If the Rental Package is not in working order when received by Subscriber or subsequently malfunctions, Subscriber shall notify 3GSolutions immediately. Subscriber is responsible for all Charges incurred through the date Subscriber notifies 3GSolutions that the Rental Package is not working.

(b) So long as Subscriber is in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, 3GSolutions will replace the Rental Package within 2 days after it has been notified of the problem by Subscriber and 3GSolutions will provide Subscriber with the same or similar Rental Package (which shall constitute Rental Package for purposes of these Terms and Conditions) for a period equivalent to the unexpired portion of the Rental Period when the malfunction occurred or return an appropriate portion of Rental Charges.

(c) If 3GSolutions finds that Rental Package reported as faulty is in working order or is faulty as a result of violation of these Terms and Conditions, then Subscriber will pay the cost of collection and delivery of the replacement Rental Package, in addition to any other Charges due hereunder.

8. Software installation (for USB modem only) - Technical Support Services

(a) Our USB modems are upgraded with lastest software which is compatible with most Operatimg Systems, including Window 2000,XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4 , 10.5 ,10.6 & 10.7.

(b) While connecting USB modem to your computer, software installation is straightforward, however, if problem arises, 3GSolutions will provide technical services support by emailing us.

9. Termination

(a) The use of the Rental Package and all Service may be terminated or deactivated without notice by 3GSolutions upon any of the following events: 1. 3GSolutions has any reason to believe the Rental Package was obtained by any misrepresentation or fraudulent mean. 2. a breach of any of these Terms and Conditions including the payment terms; or

(b) 3GSolutions may also terminate these Terms and Conditions without any liability whatsoever in the event that Service is not available to 3G Solutions or becomes unavailable for any reason.

10. Warranty, Disclaimer of Warranty, Limitation of Liability; Indemnity

(a) 3GSolutions warrants that the Rental Package will be in working order when it is delivered to Subscriber but is not liable for the performance of the Rental Package (except as specifically provided in Section 8) or the operation of the network to which it is connected, it being acknowledged by Subscriber that Service may be temporarily interrupted (including internet interruptions), delayed or otherwise limited due to a variety of causes, including but not limited to transmission limitations, atmospheric conditions, system capacity limitations, network coverages, network or equipment failures.

(b) Subscriber shall be solely responsible for and shall indemnify and hold harmless 3GSolutions against any and all claims, demands and liability, arising as a result of Subscriber's lease, possession, use, or misuse of the Rental Package or the Service provided hereunder.

(c) 3GSolutions will in no event be responsible , nor shall subcriber make any claim against 3GSolutions, for any liability, claim, loss, inquiry, damage or expense of any kind (including lost profits) whether direct, indirect or consequential caused by the rental package or the failure of the rental package to operate correctly or at all, or delay, faultiness (such as degradation of service), failure of service or deactivation of service pursuant to these terms & conditions.

11. General

(a) These Terms and Conditions can only be modified by a writing signed by an officer of 3GSolutions. Specifically, they cannot be modified by any 3GSolutions representative over the phone or by email.

(b) The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the meaning or construction of the provisions contained herein.

(c) Subscriber's rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions cannot be assigned or transferred by Subscriber, nor can they be modified or waived except by written instrument signed by 3GSolutions or its authorized agent. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between 3GSolutions and Subscriber; there are no other representations, conditions, warranties, guarantees, or collateral agreements, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, concerning the use or rental of the Rental Package or the Service, other than as set forth herein.

(d) 3GSolutions is not liable for any lack of privacy which may be experienced with regard to the Service. Subscriber authorizes 3GSolutions's monitoring of upload and downloads concerning Subscriber's usage.

(e) If the performance of any part of these Terms and Conditions by 3G Solutions is prevented, hindered, delayed or otherwise made impracticable by reason of any flood, riot, fire, judicial or governmental action, labor disputes, terrorist attack, or any other causes beyond the control of 3G Solutions, 3G Solutions shall be excused from performance to the extent that it is prevented, hindered or delayed by such causes.

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