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The fastest internet in China with 4G LTE FDD network (Download up to 150Mpbs / upload up to 50Mbps); Cover over 99% population.


No commitment, No contract
Plug & play, No activation required
Hotel delivery (intl shipping also available)

Lifesaver for business travelers

It gives a permanent phone #. Ideal for frequent business travelers, who travel to China frequently and prefer keeping the same phone number.

Live customer support

Get local live customer support via email, WhatsApp, Skype, Wechat or phone. No time difference. We respond and fix any issue more quickly.

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Pay As You Go Sim
Please email us to your passport copy after placing your order. It is required by Chinese government.


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Hotel / Residential (incl. airbnb) / Office Delivery Hotel delivery deposited at hotel concierge and you can just pick it up upon check-in. It takes 1 day to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei / 1 ~ 2 days to Beijing, Xi'an, Qingdao, Xiamen, Zhengzhou / 2 days to other cities. For orders placed further in advance, delivery is guaranteed on the delivery date (or 1 day before).

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Customize Tips [Original Account Balance]
text = Rechargeble. It can be used for a. Daily account maintenance fee CNY0.20; b. Phone call CNY0.15 per minute; c. Text domestic CNY0.10 / international CNY0.80 each sent; d. Data out of bundle CNY0.30 per MB.

[Data amount]
text = Valid for 180 days. Rechargeable. After Topup, valid period recounts towards new 180 days.

[International call credit]
text = International call rate: USA,Canada, Hongkong,Singapore CNY 0.30 per minute / South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia,Russia CNY 0.90 per minute / Macau, Taiwan CNY 1.20 per minute / UK,France,Germany,Japan,Finland,Australia,Hungary,Indonesia,Vietnam CNY 3.00 per minute / Other Countries CNY 3.50 per minute

[VPN Add-on]
text = Why VPN? In Mainland China, some foreign social websites are blocked, for example, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. However, VPN can help you to bypass the Inernet Censorship so that you are able to access these blocked foreign websites in China.

[Upload Passport Copy]
text = Required by Chinese Government.
Customize Title Choose Your Package
Customize Description Please email us to your passport copy after placing your order. It is required by Chinese government.
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