1. How about 3G / 4G coverage?

4G covers most of China cities. 3G Coverage is over 99% of China population. Coverage is almost everywhere except rural part of Tibet & Xinjiang.

2. Do I need to cancel the Package after leaving China? If I DON'T cancel it, will I be charged later?

No need to cancel it. You won't be charged later. Just bring it away and keep it at safe place until it expired.

3. Can I keep the sim card for future use?

No. If you like to have a sim card for frequent visits use, you can order our click here to order Pay As You Go 4G sim card .

4. How should my overseas family & friends call my new phone number?

Your overseas family & friends should dial +86 (China country code) - your phone number. For example, +86 186 2122 0000.

5. Can I call my overseas family & friends using the new phone number?

Yes. You can add international call credit on package product page.

6. How should I call a local Chinese number?

To call local Chinese landline number, you should put area code before the phone nubmer

To call local Chinese mobile number, just dial the mobile number. All Chinese mobile number starts with 13 or 15 or 18.

7. How many days should I order the sim card in advance before my arrival in China?

At least 2 days. 3 days or more is better in case any delivery delay occurs during bad weather conditions.

China phone use tips

China country code: + 86

Main cities area code:

Beijing 010 Guangzhou 020 Shanghai 021 Tianjin 022 Chongqing 023 Shenyang 024 Nanjing 025 Wuhan 027 Chengdu 028 Xi'an 029

Emergency numbers:

For police 110 For Fire 119 For ambulance 120 For Traffic accident 122

In most main cities, the emergency numbers provide assistance in Mandarin and English.

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